Kitchen Appliances That Your Small Kitchen Needs Right Now

Big appliances and wall-to-wall cabinets were once requirements for a dream kitchen, but now many homeowners are opting for smaller setups by choice. New York–based architect Rebecca Ascher, who has converted many tight kitchens into efficient work spaces sees this as a positive trend. “Small kitchens in many ways function better than a large one because the triangle of appliances—fridge, stove, sink—are in closer proximity,” she says. Despite the increase in food delivery services and popularity of meal kits, many apartment dwellers are still avid cooks. “When everything you need to cook is at your fingertips, you are more productive,” notes Ascher. Where exactly is this extra square footage going? “It is being converted into more entertaining space,” she says. With compact refrigerators and slimmer dishwashers, large appliances are downsizing to be part of the smaller and better kitchen. Read on for ideas that will make any kitchen feel grand.